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  • Airport to Kingston Hotel

  • Airport to kingston

  • Airport to Portmore & Portmore to Airport

  • Airport or Kingston to Port Antonio

  • Airport or Kingston to ocho rios

  • Airprort or Kingston to runawaybay

  • Airport or Kingston to Montego Bay

  • Airport or Kingston to Negril

  • Airport or Kingston to Mandeville

  • Airport or Kingston to Treasure Beach

  • New Kingston Hotel to Strawberry Hills

  • Airport (NMIA) to Strawberry Hills

  • Airport (NMIA)to ROK Hotel

  • Kingston Hotel to Airport



Jay TT Transport Limited is a family-owned business that was established in 2018. We specialize in pick-ups and drop-offs to and from the airport to your desired destination. In addition, we also offer pick-ups and drop-offs to specified locations at your request between Kingston and Portmore, Jamaica in the finest style.

Our Core Values

Create Value:
Every person should be made to feel special

Earn trust:
Our greatest achievement is earning trust of our partners and customers. We operate with integrity and will deliver results each and every time.

Build Relationships:
Who we work with is our world, and we want to connect with everyone we come in contact with. We seek to connect with those around us in order to drive success.

Put safety first:
Every precaution, every rule and every step, in prevention is critical. We are focused on delivering the highest standard of service for the safety of our customers and drivers.

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